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Some things to consider if you wish to change a hubcap

By Jakob Jelling

Although it might seem difficult, changing a hubcap is a very easy thing to do. Hubcaps often need to be changed due to parking damages or to other problems and by following a few guidelines we can do it ourselves. You can easily learn how to replace a hubcap by paying attention on how your mechanic does it as well as you can try to do it by following a few steps.

It is recommendable that, when you check your car tires you pay attention to the hubcaps as well. If your tires make a noise while you drive and you do not find why it is, you should try to replace the hubcap and see if that was the source of the problem since often it is. Hubcaps must always be correctly placed and well attached as well as they must be in good shape and undamaged.

If you wish to change a hubcap, the first thing you should do is to observe it and learn how it is attached to the car. Once you realize this, you are ready to take it off. The most usual way in which hubcaps are attached is screwed or pushed, although there are other methods such as for example attached by the wheel lug nuts.

If your hubcaps are attached by the screw method, all you need to do is find where the screws are and remove them with a screwdriver. You should make sure you place all the necessary screws at the time of placing the new hubcap; if you have lost one you should buy a matching one.

The pushed hubcaps must be taken off by separating it all around with the help of a screwdriver. Once you have removed the old hubcap, you can place the new one by pushing it on. If you find it difficult to do, you should try by first putting one side in and then pushing the other. Once it is in the correct place, you must hammer it and check it all around until you are sure it is well attached.