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Cars. Some people love ’em. Others hate ’em. To some, they’re luxurious status symbols. To others, they’re fun toys. Still to others, they’re dangerous and harm the environment. But whatever your view, most people agree they’re a necessity. Their manufacturing and support industries are an important part of many national economies around the globe. On a more personal level, very few people are able to live completely without a car, even if it’s just an occasional rental. From buying a car to selling a car, our automobiles can be our biggest headaches or our most treasured conveniences.

Of course, car owners have to pay a price for their convenience and fun. Besides fuel, there is ongoing auto maintenance, such as oil changes, tires, brakes, and scheduled maintenance based on mileage. And don’t forget auto insurance – it’s important to find a policy and premiums that will work best for you. There are licensing and registration requirements of course. And don’t forget ongoing driver improvement instruction. All of these have a time and money cost associated, and they come right along with the responsibility of owning a car.

At Autorized.com, we want to help you keep your car budget in balance, stay safe, and learn to be a better auto consumer. Knowledge is power, and here we offer information on both buying and selling a car, driver and auto safety tips, a bit of mechanical know-how, and lots of plain, common-sense advice to get you on the road and keep you there safely. From improving fuel efficiency to better negotiation at the auto dealer, from traveling safely to having fun while traveling, we’re here to help you.