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Learn what the EGR valve is

By Jakob Jelling

As a general definition we can tell that the EGR valve is part of the exhaust emission control system of the car. This car piece is very intricate and specific but it has a very important function which makes the car engine work with a much higher efficiency as well as helps avoiding that car gases affect the environment.

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation and this name directly refers to its function. This valve sends exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber by redistributing them through the intake manifold air stream. This way, this valve mainly works by taking exhaust gases to the best place.

Through this valve, the car engine's combustion chamber readmits exhaust steam helping reducing peak combustion chambers and engine emissions. This way, the EGR valve has the Oxides of Nitrogen reduction as its main purpose. It avoids the way in which gases generated from the car engine could damage the environment once they enter in contact with the atmosphere. This way, the EGR valve is a help to the engine's economy as well as it helps it working more efficiently and prevents gases from damaging the environment.

It is very important to maintain the EGR valve clean since it can easily become obtruded by dirt due to the way in which exhaust gases are constantly passing by it. This way, one of this car piece's main weak points is the appearance of dirt impeding the correct pass of gases through it. You should make sure the valve is always clean and free of dirt or any other element which could be an obstacle for its proper functioning.

Besides the way in which it helps the car engine to work more efficiently, the EGR also contributes to the environment since it prevents car gases from causing smog. This way, it is important to have this car piece working properly, but in case it is broken you should remember that this valve usually is an electronic car part and therefore if it is broken you should not try to fix it yourself unless you are sure of what you are doing.