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What is the MAP all about?

MAP stands for Motorist Assurance Program and is a consumer oriented program created by the AMRA or Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association. If you are a vehicle manufacturer, a retailer, a supplier or an industry association you could be part of the MAP and enjoy its benefits.

The MAP intends to work as a bond between the auto repair industry and the consumers. In order to achieve this, the Motorist Assurance Program constantly tries to maintain motorists informed regarding their vehicles and the maintenance necessary for their proper functioning.

All MAP members must adhere to the program standards of service being this a warranty of quality for all those who approach to them and require their services. The MAP Standards of Service, which all members apply to their business, allow customers to know they are being helped by a serious person or business that follows high ethics and responsibility standards.

The Motorist Assurance Program looks after solving the problem created by the fact that many people feel scared for taking their cars to a repairing service due to lack of warranties. If they belong to this program, customers can trust on their service since they know they follow the program’s quality standards. MAP Standard's of Service also provide industry guidelines which must be followed while inspecting every vehicle. In the last years, many car systems which didn't have inspection guidelines started having them once industry organizations realized of such deficiency.

Along with MAP Standards of Service, its members must also make sure to apply inspection guidelines for systems such as brakes, steering, suspension, exhaust, ABS, electrical systems, and engine. This way, all shops, businesses and industries members of the MAP apply and follow these inspection guidelines as part of their quality compromise. Also, the Motorist Assurance Program provides customers arbitration available to them in case it is needed due to one of the parts not feeling satisfied at a certain aspect.

Besides this, the MAP is constantly working on taking further steps and improving the bond between customers and the industry. This program is always trying to make sure to allow customers to have access to the best quality possible in every product their members provide by establishing the highest and most satisfactory standards possible.