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Use simple solutions to save on gas

If you drive a car, you've probably noticed that in recent weeks, gas prices have risen to a national average of over $2.00 per gallon. In your city, gas prices may be a bit higher or lower than this, but they've been on the rise, and you're more than likely feeling the pinch. As we've learned from decades of experience, when crude oil prices go up, gas prices invariably follow. Oil prices are skyrocketing with no real solution on the horizon, so as gas prices rise, how can we keep up?

With the holiday season upon us and busy lives that must go on, driving less may not be an option for most people. Public transportation works for some, but we don't all have super-fast subways or convenient stops that service our work and shopping areas. We could spend tens of thousands on new gas-electric hybrid cars, or we can find ways to make our current vehicles run more efficiently. Since we're not made of money, the latter option seems the most practical.

Experts say that slower acceleration, more careful route planning, freeway driving, lightening cargo loads, and keeping our cars tuned upall help us to get more bang for our fuel buck. If we were to use all of these methods, we might save a few dollars. But what can we do to make a real difference--a difference our wallets will feel almost immediately?

To help Americans get more out of their fuel dollar, we need a revolutionary fuel catalyst--something that can increase fuel efficiency. I'm not talking about a 5-10% increase here. To really make a dent in gas prices, we need a lot more than that.

Such a catalyst would benefit not only drivers and their families, but also the environment and our nation's economy, which in the long run, is good for everybody.