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How to achieve the best gas mileage with your car

By Jakob Jelling

There are many tips which people often give on how to achieve the best gas mileage with a car and it is important to consider them all in order to achieve a good result. Some of them might be more useful than others but together they might make an important difference.

One of the most widely known tips on how to improve gas mileage tells that you should reduce speed. If you drive at a lower speed your car mileage will highly increase, while if you drive at a high speed the gas mileage will decrease. In order to do this without causing problems to other drivers, you should try to choose secondary routs which have less traffic.

Besides this, another great way in which to improve the gas mileage is by being very organized and following a driving plan. If you have to drive to several places, you can achieve a better gas mileage by going to them following a plan and according to distances. Organization and efficiency on where to go and in which order might make an important difference on your car’s gas mileage.

Another important thing to have in mind at the time of wishing to achieve a better gas mileage is to regularly check the car wheels. The wheels have an important incidence in the car gas mileage and they should always be aligned and with the correct tire pressure in order to help you achieving a good mileage. Your brakes and air filter functioning are also very important so you should maintain them in proper conditions and check them regularly as well.

It is also important to always remember that by keeping the gas tank full your car will burn the gas slower. This way, you should try to avoid partially filling the tank as well as always try to fill it back once it is reaching half tank. Besides this, you should also avoid accelerating and braking more than necessary since these actions take an important amount of gas, you can improve this along with the tip of driving at a lower speed.