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Winter tire myths revealed

(NC) —True or false – your vehicle is only as good as the tires it sits on? While you may have your own opinion on this, Michelin believes that tires are an essential part of your vehicle's safety, handling and performance.

Tire manufacturers like Michelin, as well as associations like Transport Canada and the Rubber Association of Canada, are working to increase awareness of the importance of tires as well as dispelling some common tire myths.

"The biggest tire myth is that they are a low-tech commodity," explains Tony Mougios, Michelin Brand Manager in Canada. "The reality is that advancements in tire technology have improved the quality and performance of today's tires. Few people seem to realize the additional safety obtained from installing four winter tires on their vehicles."

The following is a basic example of a common winter tire myth.

Myth: All-season tires are so good that winter tires are never needed.

Reality: In some parts of the world, where temperatures and snowfalls are moderate, this may be true. But this is Canada – our winter weather is unpredictable and can be harsh. Just ask anyone from Halifax who endured the city's record snowfalls last winter.

The reality is that harsh winter conditions can appear anywhere in Canada, and when they do, the traction and added safety provided by winter tires cannot be beat. Winter tires reign supreme in rural areas where snow can remain on the road for extended periods of time. They provide 25 per cent improved traction over all-season tires.

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