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What to do when the car is pulling to one side

By Jakob Jelling

If your car is pulling to one side it might be very uncomfortable to drive as well as you might not know what to do about it. Most of the times this happens due to a problem with the wheels alignment, which can happen accompanied with vibrations or a lack of centering in the steering wheel.

One of the first thing you should have in mind is the fact that bad car alignment and wheels imbalance is not the same. Therefore, if your car is pulling to one side and you are told this is due to a car alignment problem, you would not fix it by balancing the wheels. It is important to distinguish this since many times people confuse both things as the same and therefore they find out they still have the problem after doing what they though had to be done by balancing the wheels.

Car alignment is called to the way in which the positions of the wheels is aligned to the frame of the car, and most of the times this is what is incorrect when you find out that your car is pulling to one side. Wheels balance depends on each tire and its own symmetry, and problems in this are would often cause the car to shake while it is being driven.

When a car pulls to one side and after checking the alignment the problems is still present then the car owner should check some other probable problem sources. Other problem sources besides bad alignment could be problems with the brakes as well as some other different causes which should be inspected by a mechanic. Therefore, if you find out that the car doesn't have something as simple as a bad tire or an alignment problem, you should take it to someone who can check for the problem source and fix it for you due to the variety of reasons which might be causing it.

If you wish to have your car's alignment properly checked and you are not sure on how to do it, you should also take it to a mechanic or a technician who can do it for you. You should not try to work on your car's alignment in your house and without knowing exactly how it should be done since you could cause the car to have further problems than the original one.