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What is the choke exactly?

By Jakob Jelling

Although we might have an idea of what the choke is, often we don't really know how it really functions or what its exact purpose is. Since the functioning of your car's engine might depend on it, it is a great idea to have a precise idea of what the choke is and how it functions.

One first and brief definition of the choke tells that it is a valve which has the aim to control the carburetor air flow of a gasoline car's engine. This way, through the choke we manage and reduce the air supply of the car's engine and therefore have control over it. This is very important due to the relationship between the engine’s air amount and the fuel which can enter it.

Through the restriction of air, the choke allows fuel to go into the engine, allowing it this way to start. This is what we do when we are starting our car and it is cold, the choke allows a great amount of fuel to go into the engine by reducing the air, and this is how cold engines can start without difficulties.

The choke functions by controlling the air at the mouth of the carburetor. The carburetor's mouth is where this valve is and where it controls the air amount of the engine. Due to its function, the choke is indispensable for gasoline engine's to start functioning.

The choke is considered part of the motor transmission system. It works in direct connection with the engine and the carburetor, and their correct functioning depends in its work. It has such a great importance that you might not be able to start the car if it isn’t working properly or it is broken any way.

There are electric chokes as well as the regular chokes. The difference between a choke and an electric choke is that the choke functions through a tube while the electric one uses electricity. But, no matter what the choke's kind is, they all have the same aim in common and they all allow a cold engine to start.