Most car owners dread having to book their car in for a major car service. Of course, it’s because a major service costs a little bit more. It is also time consuming as it involves a much wider range of checks and service part replacements. Consequently, car owners will keep postponing the inevitable. What most people don’t realise is that this type of service can last them for twice as long- approximately 24-months and 30,000km. That said, we look at some car tips and what exactly is involved in a major car service. After all, your car looks almost the same after spending a couple of dollars on it.

Change of Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are an integral part of your car’s motor. They provide ignition to keep your car moving on the road. But they often wear out with time. During a major service, these plugs are all cleaned or changed to prevent problems with the car’s engine. This also helps to maximise your car’s fuel economy.

Oil and Filter Change

Regular oil and filter changes are considered the most important maintenance service for any car. During the service, your old and black dirty oil will be replaced with new and clean oil. The oil filter will as well be replaced to keep the oil clean and free of debris. This will keep the car’s engine running healthily for a very long time.

Battery Test and Report

A car battery is the only power source used for getting your vehicle started. Maintaining a healthy battery is thus important to avoid breakdown. During a major car service, a battery test is usually conducted. It involves checking the battery starting and charging systems, the voltage output as well as the charging rate of the battery. The entire electrical system will also be checked.

Brake Repairs and Replacements

From hydraulic brake fluid to power brake booster, disc brakes to brake pedal, brake master cylinder to drum brakes and brake shoe on front or rear wheels, there is a lot to inspect in car brakes. They are cleaned, adjusted, repaired or replaced depending on their condition.

All Fluids Replaced

These include the fluids in your coolant, transmission, braking systems and power steering. Whether you drive in severe or normal conditions, replacing these fluids regularly is vital to the performance and longevity of your vehicle. As such, the old fluids will always be flushed and replaced with new ones during a major service to keep your car running strong.

Timing Belt 

Some engines do come with a timing belt while some have a timing chain. Just like drive belts, timing belts are rubber hence they need replacement during a major service. The water pump, pulleys and tensioner will also be replaced when timing belts are being changed. If these replacements are ignored, they could result to major engine failure in the long run.

Final Word

In conclusion, you will also get a road test and a full safety inspection for complete confidence in your car. So, next time you are tempted to postpone the service, think of how much you could save on a major car repair service. It pays to book your car for a major service timely and regularly.