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Some useful tips on how to peel off a bumper sticker

By Jakob Jelling

Bumper and window stickers might become a problem at the time of peeling them off. What is worse is that we might not realize the problem until we have actually peeled off a part of it and it becomes indispensable that we find a way to complete the task or it might look worse than when it was completely adhered.

If the sticker is on a window there are different ways to peel it off than if it is on a bumper. One first way in which you should try to peel a window sticker off is with the help of a razor blade. This would probably be the solution, although some stickers are really tough and you might need to use other methods.

If you can't peel a window sticker off with a razor blade, then you should use hot water. The best way to do this is to carry a basin containing warm water and, with the help of a sponge, press this water against the sticker. After doing this you might easily peel the sticker off with the razor blade or even with your hands.

Peeling off bumper stickers is usually easier than peeling windows ones, but sometimes it might be very difficult as well. You should not try a razor blade on your bumper or it could become seriously damaged by it. Instead, you should try to use hot water as with the window, although you can use boiling hot water in this area which would be much better.

After pressing a sponge with hot water against the bumper sticker for a while, even for some minutes if possible, then you should try to remove the sticker. In order to do this, you can use any plastic kind of knife, spatula or similar tool which would not damage the bumper but would still help you peeling the sticker off. You should be very careful on how much you press against the bumper in order to avoid scratching it since it is a delicate area which could easily become damaged.