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Some tips regarding how to change your car's battery

By Jakob Jelling

Keeping your car's battery in well shape and making sure it functions properly is very important for the overall functioning of your car. In order to make sure your car won’t have any failures due to battery problems, you must make sure it is in proper condition. Also, you must always have in mind that averagely, a battery lasts about five years in regular conditions, but it can last less in extreme weathers. Besides this, car batteries often fail due to factors such as abuse, undercharging or overcharging.

If your car's battery needs to be replaced you can either ask a professional to do it for you or do it your self which would save you time and money if you know how to do it properly. If you wish to change the battery yourself, the first thing you must do is learn which kind of battery is the right for your car in order to avoid buying the wrong one.

In order to make sure you will buy the right battery, you can consult it with your car parts store. Also, if you can you should bring your old battery with you at the time of buying the new one since this would help you buying the correct one much more accurately.

The first step to change your battery is to disconnect the negative cable followed by the positive one. Then, you should remove the battery hold down and then you are ready to take the battery out of its place. If the battery tray is dirty, you should clean it with water. You should always try to be carefull while doing this since battery fluids can contain an important amount of acid.

Once the battery tray is clean, you should place the new battery in the correct position, reinstall the hold down clamp and then reattach the cables starting by the positive one first and following by the negative one secondly. Then, all you have left to do is start the engine in order to make sure the battery is functioning properly and everything is correct.