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Some guidance on how to change your wiper blades

By Jakob Jelling

Although it might not be one of the car parts you might have to change very often, wiper blades can become a problem at the time of doing so. Through the next few lines, we will give you some tips on how to change your wiper blades easier and avoiding problems.

One first mistake most of us go through at the time of trying to change our car's wiper blades it trying to change the rubber blade insert without the rest of the blade. You must change the whole blade and not try to remove the rubber blade from it since it is pointless.

This way, you must also buy the entire wiper blade and not only look for a rubber insert replacement. Besides this, you must make sure to buy the proper blade which fits your car correctly and is not too big or too small for it. If you do not know which one would best suit your car you should consult the auto parts store about it.

Once you have bought the wiper blades, you will probably find a paper with instructions on how to replace them in the package since most of them bring such directions. The first thing you should do is pull the wiper arm up in order to be able to handle it easier; you can not change it while it is against the windshield.

In order to remove the old wiper you should probably have to look for a tab which must be either pushed or lifted, although there might be other methods. If it is attached by other methods, then you should look at it carefully in order not to break it by forcing it. If you can not find how to do this, you should consult an auto parts professional.

Once you have removed the old wiper, you are ready to replace it by the new one by following the same method in which the old one was attached before. Once you have done this, you should lower the wiper arm back against the windshield and then make it function in order to check it.