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Save time by learning how to check your radiator hoses

By Jakob Jelling

Learning how to check your radiator hoses can help you saving time not only by not having to take it to a mechanic for it but also due to the fact that not checking them might cause your car to have several other damages which would take you much more time and effort to fix. This way, it is highly recommendable that you check your radiator hoses as regularly as possible.

In order to start your radiator hoses checking process the first thing you must do is open the hood. If you are new to this, you should start by finding where the hood release is and then push it. The hood release usually can be found under the dash, although some cars might have it in other place. Then, you must look for the hood latch. Usually, the hood latch can be found at the front side, at the edge of the hood. Once you find it, you must push it and open the hood.

If you do not know where the radiator is, you should look for it at the front of the car since this is where it usually is located. Once you find it, you need to identify the radiator hoses. There are two radiator hoses, one at its upper side and another at its bottom.

Next, you must squeeze each hose and notice if they seem fragile or old. If that does happen, then it indicates you must change them. On the other hand, if they are still strong and look alright, then you can keep them for a little longer. But, if you are in doubt it is preferable that you replace them or you might keep hoses in bad shape and end up with further problems.

You should also check the hoses’ ends which should be tight. These ends or clamps must be dry; otherwise it indicates they are not working properly. If they are wet, you should replace them and make sure they are tight. Besides this, you must check the hoses for any other damage they might show, and if they do show them, then you should change them.