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Learn how to change the oil filter

By Jakob Jelling

Before you start following the procedure for changing your car's oil filter you should make sure you count with the elements necessary for it. You should have not only the new oil filter but also new oil since you will also need it. Besides, you should also have a socket, latex gloves, a container for the old oil and a chain wrench.

Also, you must make sure that the car and the oil are cold by waiting at least two hours from the moment the engine was turned off. You should never try to change the oil or the oil filter while the car is not completely cold since the oil could hurt you as well as the dipstick could not give you the right information. Besides this, in case you need to use a jack, you should backup its aid with extra support in case it fails; do not go under the car while it is only supported by the jack and make sure it is completely stable and firm as well.

You should start by removing the oil filler cap which you might probably find on top of the engine block. Then, you should find where the oil filter and the sump plug are by looking for them by the rear of the engine. You could recognize the slump plug by looking for an hexagonal object that is usually facing downwards.

In order to start with the oil filter change process itself, the first thing you should do is place the container for the old oil in the right place. Then, you should use the socket to unscrew the sump plug anticlockwise while keeping your head away from it ensuring yourself that the oil won't go to your face.

Once all the old oil is in the container, you can change the oil filter. You should unscrew the old oil filter anticlockwise with your hands or with the help of a chain wrench, always maintaining your head to a side since there could still be more oil. Once you are ready to place the new oil filter, you should screw it with your hands. Once you have done this, you must complete the oil change process.