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How often to replace spark plugs in the engine

By Jakob Jelling

Spark plugs have a central role in the car functioning since your car depends on them for starting and running. The car spark plugs ignite the engine's gas mixture, providing the car with power and maintaining it functioning. They are an important part of the ignition and engine system and it is important that they are always in good shape.

If you wonder when to replace your car's spark plugs, you should consult your car owner's manual since it brings indications regarding when to check each car part. On the other hand, if any of the car areas related to the spark plugs functioning is not working properly then you should check them as well. If you are wishing to replace them yourself, you should make sure you know how and have not only the proper knowledge for it but also the right tools. You should avoid trying to replace the car spark plugs unless you are sure you know how to do it.

The car spark plugs can be replaced easily and in a few moments by someone who knows how to do it. In new cars, the spark plugs are usually controlled by the car computer and this allows checking them and tuning them much more easily than in older cars.

Usually, you should check on your car spark plugs after the 10.000 kilometers or around such date since they can stop functioning at any time since then. Sometimes they last as much as 50.000 kilometers, but you should make sure they are ok before that or they could start failing when you need them the most.

There are special spark plugs such as premium ones which would last as much as 160.000 kilometers. If you have these, then you should not worry on changing them until you have reached around the 100.000 kilometers, although you should check they are ok every 30.000 kilometers. Also, you should have in mind that there are some factors which could cause the spark plugs to have a shorter life, such as the weather conditions in which you usually drive the car.