How Often Do You Get Your Car Serviced?

Car problems have a way of catching you out at the least time you expect. A host of issues can occur if you fail to get your car serviced on schedule. You could experience major mechanical failure, reduced fuel economy and even poor driving feel. By getting your car serviced regularly, problems are likely to be detected early on when they are cheaper to fix. But the question still remains, how often do you get your car serviced? Well, this depends a lot on different factors like car age, manufacturer’s recommendations and other things. So, before we delve into how often a car needs servicing, let’s first look at car tips to watch out for to know your vehicle needs a service.



Pop-up Light on the Dashboard

Nowadays, most modern cars pop a light up on the dashboard to remind you that the car is due for a service. This Light resembles an engine and is often yellow or red. The light is configured to only pop up when a system in the car is not functioning to standard. So, don’t ignore such indications.


Strange Vibrations

Any vibration that is not caused by road surface is worth looking into. It could be because the tires are not properly aligned thereby resulting to uneven wear on them. It could also be something like loosening of a bearing, a loose piece of plastic panelling or the failing of a universal joint.


Grinding Gears

The gearbox is one of the most high-use systems in a car. As such, it needs regular maintenance including replacement of screens, filters and fluids. So, in case you hear grinding sound when shifting the gears or experience trouble changing up, it is a warning sign that the car needs servicing.



You absolutely cannot ignore a leak under your car. Your car could be leaking green liquid (coolant) towards the front of the car or brown/dark red liquid (engine oil, brake fluid or transmission oil). If the leaks are severe, it is not worth taking the chance to drive it. Have the car towed to a dealership for servicing. 


So, How Often Do You Get Your Car Serviced?

Regular car servicing can help keep your car running smoothly, keep you and your loved ones safe on the road and prolong the life of the car. The easiest way to know how often you should service your car is to simply check the owner’s manual. You need to be aware of some age and mileage milestones like the distance you can cover between oil changes.

There is usually a section in the rear of the owner’s manual or even in a separate booklet listing all the service intervals and the key components and systems to be checked. But in case you have no access to your car’s logbook, the basic rule is every six months or 10,000km especially for older cars. Whichever comes first. Of course, in case you notice your car is underperforming, it means it needs servicing.

Final Word

Maintaining a car should not be stressful or even exorbitantly expensive. With regular servicing, you will certainly extend its performance and life. So even the best kept vehicles in the greatest conditions will need to be serviced on a regular basis.