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What Is Involved in A Major Car Service?

Most car owners dread having to book their car in for a major car service. Of course, it’s because a major service costs a little bit more. It is also time consuming as it involves a much wider range of checks and service part replacements. Consequently, car owners will keep postponing the inevitable. What most people don’t realise is that this type of service can last them for twice as long- approximately 24-months and 30,000km. That said, we look at some car tips and what exactly is involved in a major car service. After all, your car looks almost...

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5 Driving Tricks to Reduce Fuel Consumption

With the rising cost of living, finding ways to save on every dollar has become paramount. On the road, learning how to drive your car efficiently can significantly ease pressure on your monthly or daily budget. As it turns out, though, most of us have a few driving issues. Correcting some of these is all it would take to enhance fuel efficiency. Let’s go straight to the point with the following driving tricks to reduce fuel consumption. Be a Smooth Driver Unless you are driving full-speed on the highway, be soft on the accelerator. The more pressure you apply...

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How Can I Save money on My Car Insurance?

How Can I Save money on My Car Insurance? Car insurance is one of those costs we must deal with on a yearly or monthly basis. That however does not mean you should struggle to clear your premium. Here are some tips on how to save a few more dollars on your car insurance. Ditch That Loyalty What you need to know is that, insurance companies are always out there looking for new customers. They therefore create nice and attractive deals just to keep the numbers growing. If you are stuck with your old insurance company, chances are that...

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How Many KM Should a Car Run After Being Serviced?

How Many KM Should a Car Run After Being Serviced? Servicing a car usually involves sacrificing a few precious hours and dollars to get the job done. That’s why it is important to know when exactly your next service will be. It’s a small price to pay for better planning and of course better car engine performance. How many kilometres should a car after service? We explore.     Factors Determining the Frequency of Servicing Frankly speaking, there is no one-size-fit-all kind of advice as far as car servicing is concerned. What is important is to first appreciate the...

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How Often Do You Get Your Car Serviced?

How Often Do You Get Your Car Serviced? Car problems have a way of catching you out at the least time you expect. A host of issues can occur if you fail to get your car serviced on schedule. You could experience major mechanical failure, reduced fuel economy and even poor driving feel. By getting your car serviced regularly, problems are likely to be detected early on when they are cheaper to fix. But the question still remains, how often do you get your car serviced? Well, this depends a lot on different factors like car age, manufacturer’s recommendations...

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